Purchasing Consortium

Current Bids

The Cortez Purchasing Consortium supports purchases for sixteen school divisions, bids goods with individual specifications and consolidated quantities. The results:
• Reduce the cost of goods and services
• Decrease member administrative requirements
• Provide quantitative management information to improve the quality of goods, services, and operational decisions.

Southside Virginia Purchasing Consortium

Annual Volume: $9,000,000
Average Net Cost: 2.5%
Average Member Savings = 8% to 27%

Management Reports

A. Monthly Reports
    1. Monthly trial balance by budget category
    2. Monthly expense by vendor
    3. Monthly management reports including percent of annual budget expended per category

B. Consumer Notifications
    1. Low cost and low maintenance equipment
    2. Buy-now-and-save specials
    3. Manufacturer's defect claims


Consulting Services

    •Materials Management
•Data Management    

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