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Lines of Prediction
Real World Applications of Functions, Tables and Graphs
Events: Independent and Dependent


Cortez Management Corporation organized an educational cooperative, in 1999, in response to the Virginia SOL's. This initiative was led by a group of educators to research and develop a new approach to teaching math to all ability levels. Computers provide the content, video based tutorials assist in reinforcement, and teacher directed small group instruction assure effective application and comprehensive learning in the resulting model. Teachers are "the guide on the side" versus "the sage on the stage." The retraining of teachers is a major component of this program. Cortez Math excels in 13 divisions with more than 10,000 students. It is an approved math model for VDOE, CSRD, and NCLB for grades 3 through Algebra II.

Math Lab Diagram

The math program is comprised of two instructional areas: the lab and the breakout room. The class is divided into four academically homogeneous groups that rotate through the breakout room with the teacher. Small group instruction is geared to cooperative learning and differentiated lessons. The breakout lessons are prescribed and paced according to student progress. Most students begin in remediation lessons that are prerequisite to the course level instruction.

The students in the lab receive individualized software instruction that incorporates necessary remediation assigned on a mastery basis. CMC tracks student progress on a benchmark system that mirrors a percentage of completion method.

Math Program Responsibilities

The program requires two full-time employees: one lab administrator and one teacher to support 24 to 30 students per class period. The optimal schedule is 60 minutes per day.




CMC Employee
  • Provides MI Reports to Teachers
  • Manages Classroom & Tutors
  • Maintains Network Hardware and Software

School Board Employee
  • Provides Direct Instruction & Tutoring
  • Monitors Student Progress
  • Responsible for Tests & Grades
girl Computer Lab
Drill & Skill Applications
  • Computers Replace Textbooks
  • Mastery Based SOL Aligned Software
  • Individual Instruction Plan
  • Remediation Incorporated
Breakout Room
Concept Applications
  • Small Group (5-7) Instruction
  • SOL Based Lessons
  • Interactive/Homework Optional
  • Vocabulary Tests and Quizzes
Curriculum Structure & Results

Cortez Math Program Opportunities
•  Affords simultaneous remediation and acceleration in each class
•  Supports multiple curriculums in a single class, ie, Prealgebra and Algebra students in a class
•  Facilitates higher number of students completing Algebra by the 8th grade
•  Enables dual enrollment for more students
•  Provides SOL, SAT, and Compass Test Prep Programs

Projected 2009
8 by 7
Alg by 8
8 by 7
Alg by 8
8 by 7
Alg by 8
Division I
Division II
Division III

The majority of students in the Cortez lab are identified as 'at risk' students. The middle school SOL pass rates for 2009 exceeded 80%. High school math results in 2009 in Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II exceeded 90%.

2015 Virginia SOL Verified Credit Results

*CMC published results do no reflect adjustments for recovery gains.
  Algebra I Geometry Algebra II  
  *80% *88% *87%  
Math Supplemental Programs

Substitute Package Remediation Program
  • Math Lesson CD
  • Tutorial CD for Lesson
  • Worksheet for each Lesson
  • MARS Assessment assigns Remediation Lessons
  • Tutorial CD and Worksheet
  • SOL Assessment confirms Remediation
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