Cortez History Program

Social studies provides more opportunities for creativity in education. Research shows that today's students are pictorial learners. Many students are "turned off" by history, because they cannot relate to the times or significant events. Therefore, our program is designed to provide 80% of the content in multi-media presentations.

Essential Instructional Foundation

The U.S. History program integrates 5 instructional elements:
Computers replace textbooks, offering more pictures and interactive information. Advanced students benefit from enhanced instruction with web-based enrichment, such as virtual field trips.

2. Movies integrate a presentation of the times with streaming facts, interpretive pop-ups, and "edumercials" explaining SOL relevant facts.

3. Teachers require students to prepare projects to support the weekly whole class instruction.

4. SOL objective-based tests assess the students' retention of the instructional material. Remediation is assigned as needed.

5. Management Reports are produced monthly to identify mastery and comparative data.

Lab Diagram

The lab is separated into 3 instructional areas. The class is divided into 3 groups and rotates through these stations on a set schedule throughout the school year.

Group Leader Responsibilities

Media Group Leader
  • Pass out wireless headsets
  • Distribute movie worksheets
  • Read worksheets to group
  • Lead group discussion following the movie to complete worksheets
  • Collect headsets and check batteries
Computer Group Leader
  • Complete checklist for notebooks and lessons mid-period
  • Secure student notebooks during unit test and date checklist
  • Check headsets and mice at end of each period
  Project Group Leaders
  • Gather supplies for project
  • Take worksheets to office for copies
  • Perform duties assigned by teacher specific to the projects

U.S. History Results

  CMC Results
CMC Results
CMC Results
Division 1 92% 93% 91%
Division 2 NA 91% 89%
Division 3 91% 95% 92%
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